Kathleen Tribe

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Kathleen has been coaching executives, leaders, and teams for over twenty years across an extensive range of industries, including finance, telecommunications, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and education. Her continuous commitment is to partner with clients in support of their goals, guided by deeply held principles of confidentiality, trust, purposeful challenge and mutual respect.

Throughout her career, Kathleen has focused specifically on developing services that foster leadership talent and accelerate team performance. Clients describe her as a catalyst who helps them find clarity, confidence, and new ways forward, even amid uncertainty or challenging times.

In addition to individual and team coaching, Kathleen offers strategic facilitation, assessment, consultation, and interactive training programs related to leadership, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Every service is tailored to the needs of her clients, designed in the context of their business, values and culture.

For more than twenty years, Kathleen has been engaged with organizations across Canada to accelerate leadership development and team growth. Adept in working with senior leaders across both public and private sector, her professional services have a strong foundation of experience, knowledge and use of the coaching process as a unique platform for reaching higher performance for both individual leaders and teams.

Kathleen is fully credentialed as a certified Executive Coach through Royal Roads University, with advanced accreditation through the International Coach Federation. As a Master Certified Coach, she is one of only 700 coaches worldwide to have achieved this level of competency. Additionally, Kathleen is fully accredited as a Corentus Team Coach, following intensive study and practice in this emerging field and a member of the Corentus Faculty.

Combining her own business and leadership experience with extensive training in psychology, communications, change management and conflict resolution, Kathleen is also able to provide clients with impactful coaching and tools to support their learning needs. Firmly convinced that leaders cannot do it alone, Kathleen frequently combines individual leadership coaching with coaching the team as a whole--an innovative approach which deepens both relationships and productivity for the leader and team

Kathleen draws on previous roles as an internal leader as well. By way of example, as VP of Organizational Development, Kathleen created strategic plans to support national business process optimization, in collaboration with regional partners. Facilitation of change management processes and coaching the senior Executive level created hands-on experience with the challenges and opportunities leaders face within.