Assessment Coaching

From time to time Leadership Intelligence may recommend the use of self-assessments and multi-rater feedback to enhance and deepen the client’s experience as they move through their personal self-discovery phase. At Leadership Intelligence we make available a number of proven employee assessments and instruments. Our Assessment Coach and at least one member of our community are certified to use any of the assessments offered.

A list of assessments available includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Leadership/Management such as: Leadership Intelligence’s Public Sector Multi-Rater 360° Assessment, Leadership Circle, Legacy Leadership, Human Synergistics – Leadership Styles Indicator and Management Assessment Profile, Legacy Leadership® Competency Inventory
  • Emotional Intelligence such as: MHS – Bar on EQ-i®, MHS- EQi-2.0®, MHS-EQi-360®,  ESSI Systems’ EQ Map®, Institute for Health & Human Potential’s EQ at Work, Learning in Action’s EQ in Relationships
  • Core Personality Traits – Winslow Dynamic Profile
  • Personal Styles such as: CRGI’s Personal Styles Inventory™ (PSI) as well as a suite of other styles type indicators provided by CRGI, Myers-Briggs (MBTI), Rhodes Decision Thinking Indicator Profile, StrengthsFinder
  • Values Indicator – Values On-line, CRGI Values Indicator™
  • Health and Well Being – Energy for Performance™ self and 360 assessment

As well, Leadership Intelligence has the ability to custom design assessments for our clients.

Want To Learn More About Leadership Intelligence’s 360° Assessment Process?

Hallmarks of the Leadership Intelligence 360

This is for anyone who wants to learn about the LI 360 assessment, why you should do it, and how to do it.

If you are thinking about having a 360 done, watch this video!

Prepare Yourself For The Assessment

This is for the raters (people who have been asked to rate someone; the Colleagues, Peers, Direct Reports, and Leaders of the the participant undergoing the 360 process).

If you have been asked to be someone’s rater, watch this video!

Leadership Intelligence 360 Process

This is mainly for the participant once they have received their completed 360 report.

Once you have received your 360 report and prior to your coaching debrief, watch this video!